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Mon Aug 14, 2017 10:46 am

In the original outline all 3 dragons were in that scene, but it was too expensive it seems.

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Mau mau wrote:
Sun Aug 13, 2017 2:32 pm
And with you super fans it's always the same.
I'm not a "super fan." I have my favorites, just like anyone else.
I would like to see what Sansa's superfans would say about your comment that she is D&D's mouthpiece at this point.

They can say whatever they like, but I maintain that the views Sansa is expressing about Jon, both aloud and internally as evidenced by the outlines, are D&D's own. Anyway, right now her fans seem to be too busy flinging shit at Arya, the latest character thrown under the bus the minute she entered Sansa's orbit, and Dany, who sank the Jonsa ship, to concern themselves with much else.
So I don't think that D&D wrote Jon in a way that they did to make their "favorite characters" look better, because superfans of those characters that you think are their favorites think that they are sacrificing those characters for Jon or someone else.
We can always agree to disagree on D&D's reasons for stripping Jon of his book counterpart's decision to take back Winterfell and giving it to Sansa instead, or using the very same administrative duties that book Jon performed as LC to demonstrate what a kick ass leader Sansa's supposed to be. When I see Character A's canonically-established skills and motivations being transplanted into Character B and then being used to illustrated how allegedly superior Character B is, I can really only come to one conclusion. That said, didn't I outright say that D&D do this to almost every character and that it always stings most when it's one of your favorites being subjected to it? I'll still call them out on it, though.
What I think you and rest should accept is that every POV character will be richer in the books.
I accepted that a long time ago, but maybe you might consider accepting that people who disagree with your take on some of the show's elements or the D&D's intentions do not need to have their POV's "corrected," disqualified, or otherwise silenced. Critiquing something and enjoying it are not mutually exclusive, and I've yet to come across a YouTube reviewer so far who didn't call BS on at least a few aspects of last night's episode while still concluding that they loved it.

Mau mau
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Mon Aug 14, 2017 6:24 pm

Ok. No point in further discussion.

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