Can Dany be pregnant again?

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Short answer is yes - but only because the show runners have the power to make it so. IF they decide their story arc needs a Jon/Dany baby, then they will absolutely find a way to make that happen.

Lots of show evidence pointing to a high likelihood of a Dany pregnancy right now. Why else would there be 3 different references to Dany being unable to have kids and 1 reference to Jon's future kids?
Oh, don't be daft. It is so going to happen in the books as well and you know. Probably not in the same way, but it will.
You read my post and described it as daft? What part? I didn't address the books, but the logic is the same. Martin and DD are interchangeable in this scenario. Both hold the power to write pretty much anything that they feel benefits the story.

Martin already knows how this story will end and it it will involve Dany getting pregnant. This will be one thing that D&D do which is not fan service and parallels what George has planned. I'd put very good money on it.

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Thank you all for your replies. I do agree that she probably will be pregnant on S8. Given the bittersweet ending already in place by the GGRM I doubt that both will survive to the end.

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So you guys think we are gonna get more books?Love your optimism.
Yes, in a couple of decades when GRRM's estate will inevitably hire someone to complete the series. :lol:

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