So what are our views on these alleged leaks for season 8?

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Mon Aug 28, 2017 6:47 pm

Interesting post. I see what you mean.

For me personally if Jon dies in the end, there is no bittersweet ending however they wrap it. Just a devastating one. I'd hate any ending with him not being alive.

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Mon Aug 28, 2017 8:55 pm

With the amount of copy+pasta dialogue from previous seasons that the writers incorporate because they think it sounds deep, and their lack of subtlety when it comes to setting up future plot points, I could probably write my own outline of season 8 and pass it off as real. :roll:

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I call BS.

A random example of inconsistencies:
In episode 4, scene 6, we have Melisandre and it's mentioned a few times that she's in her "old woman" form. The scene ends with "Melisandre leaves Dragonstone and the series"
But then, lookie who's back in episode 6. "Old Melisandre comes to tell Jon she’s ready to pay for her sins and reveals her identity. "

A fanfiction by a fan who can't even keep their story straight.

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Tue Aug 29, 2017 2:25 am

How much has leaked?

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Tue Aug 29, 2017 3:43 am

Violator wrote:
Fri Aug 25, 2017 8:50 am
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Fri Aug 25, 2017 6:17 am
I'm struggling to see a scenario with Jon and Dany both surviving the series. Regardless of the shoddy FAKE leaks I agree that the battle against the army of the dead will be wrapped up by the end of E4 at the latest to allow plenty of action fighting for the iron throne. Mel will have a part to play and I've got a nagging feeling Bran will be heavily linked to the NK.

Prepare for major players to start perishing from the start of the series, we are realistically going to lose 2/3 well known faces per week...
Yes, but do you think the leaks are fake? I don't think you've made that clear.
Yes. Despite the depth the "leaker" has gone in to throughout all elements of the plot, I think it is fan fiction and nothing more. Having said that, the sheer volume of theories that will be socialized prior to the series there will inevitably be people who guess parts of the storyline correctly.

The timing of the "release", prior to filming starting fully and when even the main actors have only had snippets of script, all point to this not being legit. I am hoping for credible leaks for S8, which can be corroborated by photos of actors on set together so we can get excited throughout shooting a la S7.

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I really hope this is fake or fan fiction as I would be gutted if both Jon and Dany die. I expect one of them to die but to see Faeces being thrown at Dany is not something that will go down well. Also Jon dieing in an explosion is surely the worst way to go.

If this is fan fiction, it will well writtens kudos for that. A few things do not tally up, Arya to kill Cersie when the prophecy states the lil brother will kill her. Secondly the Night Kings final battle and death would surely be the most important scene of episode 5.

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I actually think the small errors make this leak more credible. A real script would be in a constant state of revision which would easily explain the contradictions. While a con artist would be very careful not to make these mistakes.

Much of the leaked script is more logical than it seems. For example, I do think the Eyrie will be the last stand of the humans against the dead. Remember when Baelish brought Sansa to the Eyrie and educated her on strong its defences were? The writers tend not to waste time with random dialogue...and I think this had a purpose and foreshadowed the last battle with the dead.

The earlier observations that Aria would shut "green eyes" (Cersei) was a good spot as was the prophecy that the drowned god would kill Aegon Targaryen (Jon Snow).

Jamie leaving Cersei was likely a device used by the writers to allow Euron to play a more prominent role in King's Landing. The books invested a lot in Euron and the show seemed scrambling to establish him these past few seasons, so it is likely there is a big role for him to play yet (such as being king). I suspect the Euron/Cersei marriage would be another bridging device used by the writers to get Euron logically closer to the crown and perhaps more in line with book cannon. I also think it is quite likely Euron does kill Drogon. The books led up to this with Euron claiming to have a dragon horn, which foreshadowed some type of conflict with him and the dragons.

Dany being pregnant is actually also somewhat logical. The books hinted that later it appeared she could give birth again. That the show would invest a major scene with Jon and Dany making love, suggests there is more going on than just a fling. Think of it in would it look if in season 8, Dany got pregnant but there was no evidence her and Jon were close? To me that the show invested in this in this scene is major foreshadowing of a pregnancy.

Dany AND Jon getting killed off is quite logical. Martin hates being predictable and either ascending to the throne would be predictable. Many of us suspected Tyrion (Martin's favorite character) would win the game of thrones long before we heard of this leak as well. But he can only really do this if Jon and Dany are dead.

The reunions and "fan service" moments seems consistent with the shows direction from season 7. For example, I doubt Aria teaming up with the Hound to kill Cersei /Mountain is book cannon, and is likely a D&D device to get these popular actors things to do (else they are just wondering around in the north fighting walkers which is boring).

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First post ever.

I Really enjoy reading all the different opinions, as there is definitely some great stuff here.

Bittersweet: both pleasant and painful or regretful. Another: feelings, memories, or experiences that are bittersweet are happy and sad at the same time

This being said, I honestly have no clue how this ends up. I see signs in just how the Author has written throughout his career but may be off here. What is amazing to me is this: In the books nor on the TV show do we have a perspective from the Others. Not once, except in the first chapter when they attack Royce, and reading it, it seems to me, that they believe him to be Jon Snow, especially by Royce's physical description and their reaction to killing him. But that is just me. So, I will be heartsick if they kill off my favorite character, but I can see it pointing that way, especially after the foreshadowing in episode 6 with Beric.

Looking forward to see how this all comes to an end.

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Flayed Potatoes wrote:
Mon Aug 28, 2017 8:55 pm
With the amount of copy+pasta dialogue from previous seasons that the writers incorporate because they think it sounds deep, and their lack of subtlety when it comes to setting up future plot points, I could probably write my own outline of season 8 and pass it off as real. :roll:
Do it! Loved your post on How season 7 could have been improved. You hit the bulls eye on every point! So well thought out & much better. The Jamie plot idea, clever. :D

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