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Importance of Faceless Men

Posted: Mon Nov 27, 2017 6:47 am
by Lyannabanna
A very well documented, convincing theory that the Faceless Men are the key to the endgame:
  • Their mantra is "All men must die," so they hate the NK as well as followers of R'hllor, Qyburn, etc.
  • Jaqen, an expert professional assassin, was not in the black cells of the Red Keep by accident (whether he is the same person as Syrio is irrelevant).
  • Jaqen *recruited,* fast-tracked and "passed the torch" to Arya because she wants to kill Mel, The Mountain and Cercei, who commanded Qyburn to resurrect him.
  • In the books, Jaqen is hanging out at the Citadel with Marwen, the only Archmaester who believes in magic.
  • The FM want to harness magic and dragons long enough to destroy immediate threats and then destroy them to restore the balance of nature.
Entire series on maesters, magic, the FM and Jaqen's interactions with Arya: ... sfLrDyie9t