Why would Sandor Clegane leave the brotherhood ?

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Tue Aug 22, 2017 1:19 am

In S07E06, Sandor as known as The Hound leaves EastWatch with Jon, Dany, Davos, Gendry and the captured wight.
But why would he leave the brotherhood ? Why only him ?

I just realized that what's left of the Brotherhood is just Beric, from what we saw at least. So the other way to ask the question would be : why would Beric stay in Eastwatch instead of going with Clegane ?

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He's waiting for the coming onslaught and would most likely be thrown in a dungeon if he went to Kings Landing?

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Sandor is the one taking care of the wight. Don't think Jon or Dany are strong enough to do that.

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Maybe having known members of the Brotherhood there was just too iffy when you're trying to have a peaceful talk with a Lannister? LOL

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My guess is that Beric wants to be up north for any opportunity to fight the NK. I'm basing this on that scene in this past episode where Beric is talking to Jon and points to the NK and says HE is the ONE they have to kill. If he is on his last life and sees this as his mission, staying in the north makes sense to me. Sandor, as another poster has pointed out, is the wight-wrangler for the trip south. Plus he needs to be at the Dragon Pit for the finale!

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In Universe reason: I don't think there's anything tying The Hound to the brotherhood/Beric specifically. He decided to go north with them since it seemed the right thing to do - I don't think he believes in the LoL or in Beric being special. He decided to go Beyond the Wall because of the vision he had. Now, that's done, and the character may want to get some resolution with how he left things in KL. Maybe he wants to tell Cersei to fuck off. Maybe he does want to kill his brother (or what's left of him).

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