Will Ghost have more of a presence in season 8?

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Now I know the reasons D and D have given for why they have chosen to focus the budget on dragons and why it's fiendishly hard to create a direwolf, but they must know that they can't keep Ghost off screen for long.

Ghost, as with all the direwolves, plays an important part in Jon's character. He is fiercely loyal, and his behaviour often reflects characteristics of his master and the experiences his master is having. In a way, the book portrays Ghost as Jon's 'daemon' or animal spirit and the link between the two is obviously borderline supernatural.

The show has chosen to reject a lot of this, but it's come at the cost of Jon's character.

In the Dragonpit scene, Dany says to Jon that without the dragons the Taryaryens were ordinary - they lost some of their 'power'. Well, in a similar way, without Ghost, Jon is 'ordinary' too - he doesn't have the presence he would otherwise have if he was constantly accompanied a wolf the size of a small pony and it would certainly lend some weight to his title 'The White Wolf' (criminally underused in this season if you ask me).

I'm worried that D and D will simply play lip service to Ghost and have him appear in a couple of scenes very briefly and in one of those he'll just be killed anyway (they have a tendency to kill expensive things). Surely, if they're going to spend over a year on the final season and will have access to a bigger budget than they've ever had before, they can pay for dragons AND direwolves?

Anyway, how would people like to see Ghost's role played out ideally and what interactions with other characters would you like to see as well?


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