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There are so many questions left for Season 8 and such a long time to wait for answers that I tried to summarize some of the questions regarding most of the main characters in the poem below. Hope you don't think it is too long.

I watched a show the other night,
Called Game of Thrones and what a delight.
It was the final episode of its seventh year,
But left many questions for the year eight premier.

The Night King brought the ice wall down,
Riding Daenerys’ resurrected dragon Viserion.
Winter is now coming to those beyond the wall.
Will Winterfell be attacked and fall?
What is the Night King’s strategic goal?
How many others will lose their soul?

Jon and Daenerys did make love and kiss,
Will a child of Fire and Ice spring from this?
And when aunt and nephew do become known,
Will this love endure or feelings of bitterness be sown?
Will both survive the future wars to come, or not,
Since a bittersweet ending is rumored part of the plot?

Why did Tyrion scowl and seemed to be in a stew,
When Jon and Daenerys on the boat did rendezvous?
What of Daenerys’ dragon children, Drogon and Rhaegal,
Will they defeat blue-eyed Viserion and send him on to hell?
Who will sit on the Iron Throne after the coming wars?
Will the Iron Throne even exist after settled scores?

Cersei is the evil queen who is planning to deceive.
Will she fall from the Iron Throne or be granted a reprieve?
Euron she sent to Essos to hire the Golden Company.
Does Euron have his own agenda and will he act deceitfully?
And is the Golden Company's loyalty really as good as gold?
For it was founded by one named Targaryen truth be told.

What of brother Jamie, who walked out on the evil queen?
Riding north alone to fight the Night King was last he seen.
Does he ride to Riverrun where Lannister troops are housed and fed,
Then ride north with them to fight the army of the dead?
What of Bronn, Jamie's confidante and loyal friend,
Will he join Jamie on the road and fight with him to the end?

Will Sansa rule the House of Stark now that Jon is a Targaryen?
She’s become shrewd and wise since she's come home again.
What of Arya, who has a kill list and is an assassin galore,
Will she kill again and will there be much blood and gore?
And Bran, the three-eyed raven, who can see past and present events,
Will he tell Jon what's happening so his troops are wisely spent?

Who of those above will survive the final season eight?
There are also others who have a questionable fate:
Ser Davos, Brienne, Tormund and Gendry,
Ser Jorah, Theon, Samwell and Tilly.
What about Melisandre, Varys, and Missandei?
Will Hound and Mountain fight and who will the winner be?

There are so many questions, more than this I assure.
Plus surprises and plot twists in the future to be sure.
They will shock and alarm and certainly captivate.
But it will be over a year before we view season eight.
Expect a blizzard of emotions until the next premiere.
How will one weather this storm for more than a year?

Just remember the following and you should thrive:
“When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.”

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Nicely done!
And indeed a lot of questions!

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That was really good.

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Wow that was great!! Very very clever!!

I've been wondering about Dany's dragons, her "children".

If she becomes pregnant will that have a negative impact on the health of her dragons? Is there a power the dragons derive from Dany that will be interfered with by a baby being grown in their mums tummy?

If she is pregnant I wonder if her baby (assuming a live birth) and the dragons can co-exist at the same time or will her dragons fade away and die?

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