The Dragon Has Three Heads

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Dany had a very active sex life with Daario and didn't become pregnant. That experience plus the prophesy of Mirri Maz Duur convinced her that she will not conceive.

There is not enough time in the HBO series for a Jon/Dany child to grow up and save the world (maybe in the books?).

I think that the NK=Ice, Dany=Fire, and Jon is the LINK between them.

Someone said that Valyrians were not in Westeros during the first Long Night.

The First Men *were* around. Who were the First Men?

There is book evidence that they may have been Valyrians who migrated from Essos to Westeros:

Since the world is round (duh!), they may have sailed from the east coast of Essos to present-day Oldtown and the Iron Isles. The foundations of The Citadel and the throne on Pyke were formed from dragon glass.

These artifacts were "discovered" later, when more Valyrians/First Men immigrated via the Arm of Dorn (destroyed by the CotF to halt their invasion).

The First Man converted by the CotF to the NK had reddish hair (like Sansa, Ygritte, Tormund, etc.). Why could he *not* have not been Valyrian?

Valyrians were into magic, so the NK may have retained and expanded his inherent powers, with or without the beard illustrated by the DS cave mural.

Ygritte lectured Jon that they are both descendants of The First Men and worship the same Old Gods (adopted from the CotF), so why are they on opposite sides? You know nothing, Jon Snow…

Starks tend to have a very strong genetic phenotype of dark hair (all sibs except Sansa). The prevailing theory seems to be that the NK was a Stark. I predict that he was a Valyrian,!
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Maybe the prophecy was misheard and it's actually 'the dragon gives free head'?

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Sue's recap with the link to GRRM's interview talking about Berric and Jon being basically Fire Walkers instead of White Walkers - we don't know yet whether Jon's heart even beats. We don't know that he is even capable of impregnating anyone. A very interesting wrinkle and puts this whole 'can Dany have kids' on it's end in my opinion.

I think "The dragon has three heads" was simply Rhaegar telling Dany he's got three kids. I think it's very likely that Jon will ride Rhaegal, but Viserion is sadly no more. It has nothing to do with riders.

Dany will die. She is the last Targaryan. Jon's really already dead. He won't be able to procreate. After they are gone, there really WILL be no more dragons. And once the NK is killed, there won't be any more WW. Perhaps Dany's plan for succession is no succession is all, but a democracy? My first thought was she planned on letting Tyrion rule and that's why she doesn't want to tell him, but he's so much older than her. Doesn't make any sense.

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