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Sat Jul 29, 2017 8:08 am

I know we are all hyped for season 7, but is anybody here looking forward to this movie? I'm usually not big on remakes(though technically this is a re-adaptation)and the miniseries is a cultclassic, but I think the old mini-series is pretty dated. Though Tim Curry as Pennywise is still awesome. So I think it is kinda warranted to put out a new adaptation. And hopefully they improve on the second part with the adults and the end.

Judging from the trailers it seems like there has been a lot of heart and soul put into it and the creators didn't simply do it to make a quick buck (aside from the studio, of course). Especially the MTV First Look trailer is what really sold it to me. The chemistry between the kids is amazing and on point. To me the most important part of the movie.

And unlike the miniseries the movies (it's going to be a 2-parter) will be r-rated. Which means they can get into the more gruesome and disturbing parts from the novel. Which the miniseries never could because it being shown on tv.

So anybody else looking forward to this?

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