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Lord Parramandas wrote:
Sat Jul 15, 2017 7:50 pm
Hello everyone. I think it's a proper time to introduce myself. I'm Erik, known as Lord Parramandas on this site, and I'm from Slovenia.
As for Watchers on the Wall, I've been following the site since September 2015, participating in almost entire 2015/2016 off-season and writing my reviews for S6 episodes. I'm less active this year due to being busy on another site and also because I want to avoid spoilers and leaks. Watchers on the Wall is the best GoT site for me in general, where many people feel genuine fans. As you may know, I'm very sensitive to negativity when it comes to my favorite TV shows and GoT is no exception. I always prefer positive approach to it and see absolutely zero point in any negativity. After all, I'm here to like the show... to be its fan.

Like last year, I plan to write reviews this year as well. I may even do some video ones which I will post on my newly-made Youtube channel], which currently contains very little GoT related stuff, but this may change when S7 finally airs.
My Youtube channel: ... 2ZcwyBdVGw
Hi Lord Parramandas,
I too appreciate the lack of negativity on WotW :)

I go to multiple forums that I like. i get different things out of each of them. WotW is a good balance of vibes.

That just made me think of a metaphor for the forums, like it's HS (which I'm not in anymore). Thoughts anyone?:

When I go on the
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subreddit, it feels like going to a Post-up-in-the-park spot in HS, like with a fire pit (if u had that)...where some ppl are totally wild and partying but there's also ppl chilling and good deep conversations on top of cars.

Then on awoif, it feels like the secret smoke spot outside the computer lab (or your equivalent). Still mostly geeks (I say this with pride), and we're outside so everyone is also having fun there, and our arguments are still geeky but more passionate and trippy theories than in a class or wtvr.

WotW is a nice balance. It feels like going to that one person's house, you know the stop-by-any-time-bro
place. Usually there's someone or something to talk (respond) to, and it's always laid back and always chill and respectful. If you have no plans for the night, you start there (in a forum metaphor, this means you find one thing then another), and then you can link up and go out or stay BK for good conversation. But sometimes you swing by and no one is there yet, so you just hang out by yourself until people show up. (In the metaphor at least you have somewhere to go that's not home, at WotW at least there's something interesting to read in the meantime). It is the GoT forum home base.

I love them all, but when I set my S6 forum accounts I def started here! (I was on with the same name S5 and a diff name in S4, but was too busy S6 for forums).

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Righteous in Wrath
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Hi there!

Like some others here, I haven't really commented on the site or used the forums before (too much drama elsewhere on the interned scared me off), but I've been following the site since, well, before the beginning I guess.

I'm from Norway, so I've had the pleasure of seeing Kristofer Hivju on stage a few times before he decided to become world famous.

I've read the books a few times, but I also love the show; I am less interested in a super-faithful approach to the adaptation than I am in storytelling that makes sense and is exciting.

House: Stark, Mormont, Martell
Character: Arya, Tyrion, Sam, Arianne, Oberyn
Episode: The Winds of Winter
Season: 6
Scene: Cersei and Tyrion playing musical Small Council chairs

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CAW CAW Black Raven is finally here :D

Originally from the UK (SE London) I have lived in the Spanish Canary Islands since 1986. After working some 20 years at the astrophysical observatory as an electronics technician here on the island of La Palma, I'm am now retired.

I've been a regular on WotW for about 2 years from around the time S5 aired. I have never read the books or even heard of GRRM until I saw the first episode of GoT via Sky Atlantic back in 2011. Once I saw that episode I was hooked and been an avid fan of the show (along with my two daughters) ever since. I have probably seen the series from S1 to S6 at least a dozen times! My wife thinks 'I've lost the plot' having seen it so many times, but I still enjoy watching the reruns :P

I seldom speculate on what may happen and take things as they come. S7 looks like it will be the best, but a pity it is only 7 episodes. However, many episodes will be over an hour long which I guess makes up for that.

Happy viewing :)

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Hi! Long time lurker here :D

My username is self-explanatory, really. I'm a lady and I'm from the North. I was born in the North of my native country, I live in the North of my adopted country, so...

I found the books first, and only because they were on sale and I really needed something to read. I had absolutely no clue what they were about. Needless to say I got hooked. Much later on I started watching the series and although I do prefer ASoIaF to GoT I like both. My favourite character is Ser Davos both in the books and in the series.

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Tue Aug 15, 2017 9:34 pm

Hi Watchers , I'm TargaryenBBQ, a/k/a Trish Pellerito, 1st of my Name, Khaleesi of the Camper, Breakers of Balls, Killer of Buzzes, Queen of the Condo and the Mother of Cats. Whew!

I'm sullied - read the books, reread the books, reread the reread books, and performed the requisite snarling at GRRM for taking his sweet, sweet time with WoW, so thank the Seven Gods for HBO. Although I know we're at the end game, it's still a sweet watch, and this season has been .... well ... awesome.

Fan Gal Favs: Love me some Dany, Tyrion, Arya, Hound, Sam & Gilly, Thormund and Brienne. Plus a shout out to the Bear Island Gang. Bad Ass awesome, all of them. Jon, of course is a swell guy, Jorah Mormont is on my Xmas card list, too. Happy to see Sansa finally got most of her shit together -- but damn, girl! Ya did it the hard way didn't you? Kudos to Davos and the triumphant return of Gendry. (Wowsa!) And of course, I love pets, Bronn, Dire Wolves, Dragons, and Tommen's kitten, too.

And I'll just say it here -- if I were Gilly, I'd be baking a big thank you muffin basket for Daenerys once I heard the news about Papa Tarley (and Ric/Dic). From scratch, Fresh Blueberry and Banana Nut!

Fan Gal Pans: Hate, Hate, HATE Littlefinger -- and who doesn't? -- and hope he ends up in a pie or as dragon dung - or both! -- before the end of Season Seven! (A girl dreams, anyway.) And Cersei. Damn, girl, you're Mad King kinda nuts. Have you considered moving to North Korea? (or Washington DC. Ooops, did I type that out loud?)

On the "Meh" List; Conflicted about Jamie and Varys (I WANT to like them but ....), Theon Greyjoy you can through back in the sea and I've got questions about Bran Stark as the 3-Eyed Beaver. (Mopey teen alert!) And how about those Citadel Maesters? All they seem to do is eat, excrete and bicker. (They remind me so much of my in-laws. ooooo Naughty again.)

I look forward to many good discussions and new friends well met before this party is over. Peace. And muffins.

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