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Mon Jul 24, 2017 6:12 pm

I know the Sand Snakes/Dorne/Mattel's have been terrible characters and plot line(besides the Red Viper) but after the events of yesterday show who will be in charge of Dorne? I know there's 7 snakes in the books but only see three on TV because they changed so much from the books.I still find it weird Ellaria would leave Dorne with all the snakes with her and not one behind. I know the creators originally never had the Martel's being in the show at all besides the red viper plot.I also believe they I read once they loved Indira Varma acting so much they expanded her and the Martel's but it looks like their experiment failed and they are just gonna kill everyone off because they don't know how to fix it or don't want to.

Sad such a great house and land ruled by people of color(non-slave ones) that's pretty good in the books yet look so bad in the TV show.Luv the show but creators have failed with houses or lands ruled by characters of color.

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Mon Jul 24, 2017 6:17 pm

No one is gonna be in charge of Dorne. That storyline will most likely be dropped and their army is never gonna show up.

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Tue Jul 25, 2017 2:37 pm

In my opinion, Dorne is equally dumb in the books but TBH we shouldn't be talking books in this forum anyway... You can go to the General Forum if you want to talk books stuff. :)

I loved how this episode we had Tyrion calling Elaria on her B.S. Hell yeah! Child murderer.

I think they are going to use Elaria and Tyene as a mechanism for Cersei to have a "mad queen" moment. Like pour wild fire on them while the court watches or something. Euron will be like "Hahhaa yaass" and Jaime will be like "OH HELLLLLL To The NO"

Anyway... as to the future of Dorne. After Tyene's death, we will have a complete Elimination of the Martell/Sand Bloodline. So who will be in charge of Dorne? Dany, directly, perhaps. If she flies Drogon down to Dorne and gets them all riled up, I could see them joining her assault on KL even without a prince/princess to lead them. Ultimately it might just be that we see the Dornish army present.

Alternatively, will disappear and stay out of the conflict, like they did for so long before and not be mentioned again. Like in seasons 1-3, Westeros will basically be dorne-free.

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Fri Jul 28, 2017 12:24 pm

The plot isn't what bothered me, the general idea fits the heroes-on-all-sides thing (I say this ignoring what I know about the books)

What I didn't like so much was the lack of development of that plot and the characters. If they worked harder on that plot and planned it to be more intricate and nuanced in the way they wove it into the other plots it would have worked. The sand-snakes-gather scene needed more. The scenes of just Dorne ppl needed more (more philosophical subtext, prophetic lines, nuance or character development or something). Of course, they don't have long-thought-out literary work to draw from anymore.

They could have given it more time S5, to cover what I listed above, so that by S6 their minimal roles didn't diminish the story, like with Varys and LF. They only spent a couple days filming with them each season, and usually separate from the rest of the cast entirely. Watching production mini docs, the Ds and actors all seem less than engaged to me. The characters seem surface explained and developed. Like it was a little cameo type of thing for them. S5 seemed a bit slow and had some filler in different points (ppl identify different scenes as what was filler but I'm not the only one to think that about S5) so there was def room for it.

If they do kill off Ellaria and Tyene, we haven't even had off-screen character development of a new ruler (like with Randyll Tarly who barely appeared last season but we've had an idea about since the beginning).

So who will rule Dorne? Either they'll bring in a new character (not unreasonable) and HOPEFULLY develop them just enough to be good, or like QueenOT said, Dany will get support from their army who wants vengeance for the Sand Snakes and Oberyn.

P.S. Personally, I never liked their accents. It worked for Oberyn bc he sounded real and his character fit really well, Ellaria was pretty good mostly, but it sounds like the Spanish version of Borat to me. But they didn't want to sound Spanish. You can tell they're English, it's like a bad accent of something I already know (unlike Dothraki which worked very well as believable, realistic language I never heard, a combo of sounds from dif langs). They already made the country look equivalent to Spain so they should have just used Spanish accents in a more authentic way.

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I know I'm late as the last post here was in 2017 - there are actually 8 sand snakes in the books though they dropped the subplot about where one of them is (probably) in the show.

Perhaps to someone whose native tongue is Spanish the accents did sound off. Only one of the show sand snakes has a British accent in real life though, namely Jessica Henwick (Nymeria). Keysha Castle-Hughes' is from New Zealand and she has that accent and Rasabell Laurenti-Sellars is American/Italian and speaks English with an American accent though I presume she sounds Italian when she speaks Italian. Being from England I only notice dodgy English accents. With PD and NCW their natural American/Danish accents sometimes slip through but not badly enough for me to be reaching for the earplugs. There HAVE been some dodgy British accents on film over the years but I won't mention any here. Indira Varma's natural accent is British of course.

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