Show and Books concordance (book spoilers)

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I'm curious about everyone's opinions about how close the major beats of the story will be in the books assuming they ever come out. A friend of mine hated this season, partly because she thought it was nothing like what will happen in the books (personally I don't care about that much, as long as its' good which overall, I think it was). I argued that I thought the major "hows" of what happens will be the same in the books, but she is convinced it will be almost unrecognizable.

For example, she thinks Euron will be a major player and will steal a dragon with his dragon horn (or maybe Victarion will), not the Others / WW (maybe the NK will get it later, or Euron will join the NK & co).

She thinks the wall will come down with Joramun's horn rather than via Viserion's breath.

She thinks Jaime has already made a final break with Cersei so his arc has only now caught up to the books whereas I think he'll go back to her in the books and fight against Dany out of a sense of duty, like in the show (and we'll be annoyed by him then too).

Finally she thinks Dany is bound to go mad and become a major villain which is seriously doubtful in the show.

I guess I Think that some of the above (like dragon horn and joramuns horn in particular) might be red herrings, and GRRM will get us with a twist. We are all expecting a dragon to be stolen by a horn... but then instead the WW's kill and revive him. Seems like classic GRRM to me, but not to all apparently.


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