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So: Do you think we’ll actually see the Golden Company?

Personally, I don’t. For several reasons -

Why add new characters at this point? (We’re still killing off the ones we have.) More importantly, they’d add nothing to the main story and the side stories are becoming much less relevant. Besides, we don’t really know how big Cersei’s army is now, so saying it’s bigger doesn’t mean all that much. Cersei’s pretty much said that she's going to wait out the war in the North, so I’m not expecting any of her forces to play much of a role in the last 6-8 hours, unless it’s to help. It already looks pretty hopeless, adding another enemy seems a waste, storywise. Sure, she could capture some castles but with the story rapidly rolling downhill to the end, what difference would it make?

I don’t think that Euron’s fetching them. No doubt Cersei and Euron worked out some sort of plan before the parley. But they didn’t know about the captive wight. Either Euron is a terrific ad libber or he said just what he meant – he’s going to find an island and hole up until Spring. I think the wight honestly scared the crap out of him.

The Iron Bank wouldn’t make a profit. Cersei has used the Tyrell's money to pay the Iron Bank what was already owed. In order to pay for mercenaries, she has to take a new loan from the bank. If she loses, the Iron Bank gets nothing since Westeros would be carpeted with the living dead. If she wins, Westeros will still be in tatters and it will be a long time before she’d be able to pay back the loan – if ever. And I can’t see the Iron Bank wanting to use the Gold Company to rule Westeros – if they wanted to do that, they could have done it already. They want profits, not the responsibility of governorship. A loan just doesn't make good business sense.

Besides, if they don’t have enough CGI budget to do Ghost, why add in elephants?


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I don't know if we'll see the Golden company or not either, It depends on how quickly the undead are dealt with. If that threat is resolved in the first 3 episodes, then we are back to the 'Great Game' for rule of Westeros, Which I think likely is D&D's plan.

Elephants are a lot cheaper to animate than wolves, The thick fur of the wolves is what takes so much processing power.

Gold sitting in a bank doesn't grow. The Iron Bank is going to want to lend someone in the battle money, as the Iron Bank representative said, some of them were disappointed that the Lannister debt was paid off quickly, they like interest payments, as that is pure profit. The Lannister's currently have the best credit rating in Westeros, They've "always paid their debts", so they are most likely to get the Bank's backing.

If the Golden Company is on the show, at most I think we would see the actual commander (Homeless Harry Strickland) as a character, and he wouldn't receive or need much development to go die under Drogon's flames.

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