Season 8 Episode Titles and Director Predictions

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Thu Sep 07, 2017 2:49 pm

I thought it'd be fun to start theorising what season 8 episodes will be titled and who will direct them before this information becomes common knowledge. Here are my guesses down below.

1. The Promise (Mark Mylod)
2. Winterfell (Alex Graves)
3. The Long Night (David Nutter)
4. A Dream of Spring (David Nutter)
5. The Last Light (Miguel Sapochnik)
6. A Song of Ice and Fire (Alex Graves)

If anyone doesn't know Jeremy Podeswa and Matt Shakman have already ruled out returning for Season 8, whilst unfortunately Neil Marshall is unlikely considering he is directing Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen around the time of production. Also after the controversy of Beyond the Wall I don't think Alan Taylor will be back even though I still really love the episode.

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