My predictions for season 8 before knowing any spoilers

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Sun Jan 27, 2019 9:56 am

Hey Chiili, at least one other obsessed viewer shares your theory on Tyrion and his off camera conversation with Cersei. I'm not convinced Tyrion would have left the room alive had he not so passionately proclaimed his love for her children (OK, not so much Joffrey...) and given her the idea of using her (possible) unborn child as a means to an end. We have a few months before we learn if we are correct, but I would not be surprised if we are.

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Fri Mar 15, 2019 5:57 pm

My predictions who will die and who will survive in the final season?

• Arya Stark: survive
• Beric Dondarrion: die before or after he reaches Winterfell
• Bran Stark: die, because once the Night King is defeated, his role will be over
• Brienne of Tarth: survive
• Bronn: Or surivive or killed by Cersei in the first episode
• Cersei Lannister: die in episode 5 or 6
• Daenerys Targaryen: die in episode 6, but giving birth to triplets: 1 boy and 2 girls
• Davos Seaworth: die in episode 3, battle for Winterfell
• Drogon (Dragon): die in episode 5 or 6
• Euron Greyjoy: die in episode 5 or 6, killed by Theon
• Ghost: die in episode 3, Winterfell battle
• Gilly: survive
• Gregor Clegane: die in episode 5
• Grey Worm: die in episode 5
• Illyrio: forgotten, so survive
• Jaime Lannister: die in episode 5 or 6
• Jon Snow: survive and play an important role after the war
• Jorah Mormont: die in episode 3, Winterfell battle
• Lord Varys: killed by Rhlor
• Lyanna Mormont: survive
• Maester Wolkan: die in episode 3, Winterfell battle
• Missandei: die in episode 3, Winterfell battle
• Nymeria (Wolf): survive
• Podrick Payne: die in episode 3, Winterfell battle
• Qhono: die in episode 3, Winterfell battle
• Qyburn: survive
• Rhaegal (Dragon): die in episode 5
• Samwell Tarly: survive
• Sandor Clegane: survive
• Sansa Stark: survive, becoming warden of the north. And raising Danny’s 3 kids
• Theon Greyjoy: surveve, Yara will die in his arms and he will kill Euron
• Tormund Giantsbane: die before or after he reaches Winterfell
• Tyrion Lannister: survive
• Viserion (Wight Dragon): die in episode 5
• Yara Greyjoy: die
• Yohn Royce: die in episode 3, battle for Winterfell

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Sat Mar 16, 2019 11:48 am

Important reunions I'm looking forward to
- Jon finally seeing Arya and Bran again. And also Samwell Tarly
- Arya seeing Gendry and Sandor again.
- Sansa seeing Tyrion and Sandor again. For Sandor it will be strange seeing both Stark sisters again, I guess they will react rather different.
- Bran seeing Jon again and also Jaime. How will the parentage reveal go??? And how will Bran react to Jaime?
- Ser Jorah Mormont seeing Lyanna Mormont again.
- Samwell Tarly seeing ser Jorah again. I guess Jorah will get Heartsbane
- And how will Samwell react to Daenerys after he heardsshe killed his father and his brother. I do think Sam liked his brother.

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Wed Apr 24, 2019 4:31 am

My predictions after season 8, episode 2, without knowing any spoilers:

Dies in episode 3
- Missandei
- Theon Greyjoy: will sacrifice his life for Bran
- Gendry: will hunt Arya as a wight. It's one of the few persons she would run from instead of kill him.
- Tormund Giantsbane: The Wildlings will all die
- Jorah Mormont: will sacrifice himself for Dany or maybe Lyanna Mormont
- Beric Dondarrion: his final dead
- Eddison Tollett: The Nightswatch ends with him
- Podrick Payne: dies en Brienne will have to kill wight Podrick
- Maester Wolkan: no further role
- Alys Karstark: almost all the north will be killed, no further role
- Qhono: all the Dothraki will be killed, no further role

Dies in episode 4
- Jaime Lannister: Bron will kill Jaime when he and Brienne are trying to escape
- Bronn: Wight Jaime will kill Bronn

Dies in episode 5
- Jon Snow: dies defeating the Night King
- Bran Stark: dies defeating the Night King
- Lord Varys: mysterious dead by The Lord of Light
- Cersei: Killed by Wight Jaime?
- Gregor 'The Mountain' Clegane: Killed by (wight) The Hound
- Qyburn: ?
- Euron Greyjoy: I always thought he would be killed by Theon, but maybe wight Theon?
- The Night King: Killed by Jon and Bran, with help of Sam and Tyrion
- Melisandre: sacrifices herself for the greater good to kill the Night King
- Harry Strickland
- Marei
- Bernadette

Dies in episode 6
- Daenerys Targaryen: Dies giving birth to her kid with Jon/Aegon

- Tyrion Lannister: Is hand of the new Queen
- Sansa Stark: Queen regent
- Arya Stark: Queensgard, maybe pregnant with Gendry
- Davos Seaworth
- Samwell Tarly: writes down the story
- Gilly: The sweet part of bittersweet
- Brienne of Tarth: returns home, but as a totally different person
- Sandor 'The Hound' Clegane: finally found his way in life
- Grey Worm: returns to Naath with Missandei's ashes
- Lyanna Mormont: returns to Bear Island
- Yohn Royce: returns to Robin Arryn
- Yara Grejoy: Leads The Iron Islands
- Little Sam: The sweet part of bittersweet
- Robin Arryn: Lord of The Vale
- Edmure Tully: Lord of the Riverlands
- Roslin Frey: Wife of Edmure, heir to the Twins, mother of their kid made during the wedding

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Wed Apr 24, 2019 7:47 am

The people listed in my previous post will die in episode 3. The ones who survive episode 4 will try to flee south in episode 4. Jon and Dany can fly on the dragons, but they might take some passengers like Bran, Sandor Clegane (to help with Bran who probably loses his wheelchair), Sam (+ hopefully also Gilly and Little Sam) and Tyrion. The rest will flee by boat. I think Dany still has ships at White harbor and there might be ships left at Hardhome. I guess all the Northern survivors will flee to Dragonstone, there's a harbor. Davos may be captain leading the ships safely to Dragonstone.
I don't think Bronn will arrive while the AOTD are attacking Winterfell, he'll probably run into Jaime while he's fleeing south. Bronn wasn't there when the wight attacked Cersei, so he may not know what is really going on. When he kills Jaime, resurrected Jaime will kill Bronn.
In Dragonstone they will all make plans to go to Kingslanding.
Episode 5 will be in Kingslanding. Cersei and co will be attaced by the AOTD. Cersei will be killed by wight Jaime. The Mountain by (wight) the Hound?
Episode 6 will be the aftermath. There will be a time jump because of the pregnancies. Dany will die will giving birth, buth the kid survives. Arya survives, but is pregnant with Gendry's kid. A dream of spring will be both kids. Sansa will be queen regent while the kids come of age. I don't think Sansa will have kids of her own, she reminds me of Queen Elizabeth with the red hair (see film with Cate Blanchett). Tyrion will be her hand. Arya and maybe also The Hound will be her Queens guard. Brienne will have to go home to be lady of Tarth. And Grey Worm will go and protect Naath in Missandei's name.
Robin Arryn will rule The Vale, Edmure Tully will role the Riverlands. Almost everyone in the north, apart from the ones escaping in episode 3/4, will have died. So there will be no much need to a King of the North.

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Sun May 12, 2019 12:11 pm

My own predictions for this episode:
– Euron will be killed by Dragon fire.
– Sandor will kill his brother Gregor Clegane but get’s hurt in doing so and Arya gives him the gift of mercy.
– Jaime will try to stop Cersei, but maybe he’ll do that in the beginning of episode 6 (to keep Lena Headey around a little longer, she hasn’t been in many episodes this season).
– Kingslanding and the Iron Throne will burn, I only don’t know if it will be dragonfire or wildfire. I don’t think Cersei will blow up the Red keep like she did with the Sept of Baelor, that would be too repetitive. But maybe someone else does is accidentally, could be Dany but it also could be Grey Worm who is now mad with grief.
- The wildfire explosion will kill Drogon.
– Varys will be killed for betraying Dany, don’t know if Dany will burn him or Kinvara.

– The problems with Dany’s claim will be solved in episode 6.

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Fri May 17, 2019 10:18 pm

Chilli wrote:
Mon Oct 02, 2017 8:56 am
I’ll soon say goodbye here until season 8 has ended because I want to stay spoiler free. But first my predictions before knowing any spoilers:
- I would love for Beric and Tormund to survive, but I don’t see how they can escape even if they survived season 7. I think they will be the first known characters to die in season 8.
- The castles between Eastwatch and Winterfell will all fall: Last Heart, Karhold and The Dreadfort.
- Jon, Dany and their armies will arrive at Winterfell before The Night King. Bran and Sam will somehow tell him that Rhaegar is his father and he is heir to the Iron Throne. Dany will be devastated that Jon has a better claim. And Jon will be devastated that Ned is not his biological father. But there won’t be much time to think about that because the army of the dead is getting closer.
- A lot of secondary characters will die in the first 4 episodes, but no main characters.
- Bran and Sam are going to find out how to defeat the Night King. Jon is going to kill The Night King, but Bran is going to die. Sam will survive and writes the song of Ice and Fire.
- Sam will give his sword Heartsbane to Jorah Mormont. He will die trying to save Dany.
- When the Night King is killed and everybody is happy, Euron is going to attack them with the Golden Company.
- Theon will kill Euron but will be too late to save his sister. The fisherman’s daughter from some seasons ago got pregnant and gives Theon an heir, so the Greyjoy line will be continued.
- Jamie and Cersei will die. Jamie will die a heroic dead while saving someone’s life. Cersei will get killed by Jamie or Arya. The Hound will kill his brother The Mountain. Tyrion survives and be hand of the surviving king/queen.
- Cersei dies before giving birth.
- Dany is pregnant and gives birth to a boy/girl. I’ve always thought she would die while giving birth and she would be with Khal Drogo and Rhaego again.
- I don’t see Arya surviving.
- Lyanna Mormont will survive because I don’t see any wights/ white walkers daring to come near to her.
- Jon will survive and will be king Aegon VI of Westeros.
- Sansa will be warden of the North.
- The Iron Throne will be destroyed. Jon/Aegon will rule from the north.

What do you think?
And so the circle of history closes: The Children of the Forest (those left anyway) are sad to see history repeating itself yet again in the realms of men. Only one thing left to do…create a new Night King - this one more manageable and amenable. Perhaps a little more like Benjen Stark? Who to pick for the new King? Jon? Gendry? Jaqen H’ghar? Maybe we need a Night Queen –Arya? Some balance is needed in Westeros!

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Sun May 19, 2019 2:32 pm

My predictions for the last episode:

Bronn will kill Dany when she wants to kill Tyrion. Because without Tyrion, he won't get his castle.

There won't be no Iron Throne, but several kingdoms (so the wheel is broken). There will be a great council where this is decided:
- The North => Sansa Stark
- The Riverlands => Edmure Tully
- The Vale => Robbin Arryn
- The Reach => Bronn or Samwell Tarly
- The Stormlands => Gendry Baratheon
- The Iron Islands => Yara Greyjoy
- Dorne => New prince of Dorne
- The Rock/Crownlands => Tyrion Lannister

Jon chooses not to become king (like Maester Aemon), but goes to live beyond The (former) Wall with Tormund, Ghost, ... He doesn't want to have anything to do with his Targaryen side after he sees what Dany has done.

The Unsullied and Dothraki go back to Essos, now their Queen/Khaleesi is dead.
Drogon goes to live in the ruins of Old Valyria.

Davos finally returns to his wife.
Yohn Royce helps Robin rule in The Vale.
Brienne goes back to Tarth and becomes The Lady of Tarth. Podrick joins her.
Bran grows old in his tree. There is no new greenseeer after him.
Sam writes the song of Ice and Fire about his friend and hero Jon Snow/Aegon Targaryen, with baby Jon crawling around his desk. And Gilly reading for Little Sam.
Arya is on her way home, after what happened in Kingslanding she realises she needs someone after all. Hopefully it all ends with Arya seeing Gendry again at the Inn with Hotpie. And maybe this time she wants to be his lady.

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