Dany losing her braids

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Thu Jan 25, 2018 10:50 am

I wanted to see what others thought of something that occurred to me after seeing that Emilia Clarke posted a photo a couple of months ago of her hair bleached blonde and looking a bit shorter than she normally wears..

I was thinking that like the Dothraki..she's chosen to lose her braids after the battle north of the wall because she feels it wasn't a victory (because she lost Viserys)
There was an article I believe in NY Magazine at the start of Season 7 that said that her braids had evolved over the series to reflect her victories in battle. (something a lot of people had never picked up on.

Emilia says in her insta post that it was done by the hair woman on GOT who's done her wigs for the entirety of the show..so maybe their thinking is that just bleaching it will look better then trying to do a wig that doesn't look that great (ala Cersei's not that great wig IMO)

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