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CHECK THIS! look at the last scene of episode 2 season 8 the 5th horseman time is (58:01) to start watching and it also looks like he has spike like tips on his head. think of this too. in the vision Danny has in Carth shows a dragon flying over but just one... so what if its the night kings dragon being controlled with Necromancing im amazed nobody will discuss this or has seen it. ots obvious that its the same sword as the night king. there's also a chance it could be a commander something like next in line so whoever that is will clearly be important or some type of plot twist. the image below is the only one i can find on google (screenshots wont work on hbo go i guess.) but theres my proof goo watch it from the top and you will see CLEARLY the full sword in shot.. this image doesnt shot the spikes i saw but you can see that whoever is holding that sword looks dirfferent then the other like he has a flatter style hair or less hair i think. lemme know what you think if im right give me a shout out! (zzebracakeszz)) ive beeb trying to get a convo going in comments of youtube for a day now lol nobody believes me!! ... 8026582332

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