How do you kill an ice zombie?

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QueenofThrones wrote:
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It's not clear to me that VS swords are particularly useful against the ice zombies (other than just being very good swords). I think you'd still need to destroy the body enough to prevent repuppet-ing by White walkers.

Of course VS is very useful against the puppet masters themselves.
Nothing cuts like VS sword but i though we were talking about White Walkers, Wights are resurrected corpses, ice zombies are the White Walkers and the Night king.
OP says "wights" in the first sentence . We're discussing the icy reanimated corpses.

I don't consider the WW zombies in any case - the white walkers seem to be magically transformed humans rather than resurrected dead ones.
I must've overlooked and also I associate ice zombies, creatures with the white walkers. Anyway, VS swords cuts a lot better than a regular swords, so hacking them into the pieces might work.
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Flayed Potatoes wrote:
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Looking at how wights were killed: when they attacked Bran and co in the season 4 finale, during Hardhome, and during Hold the Door, the solutions seem to be:

1. Fire (obviously... and humans can weaponize it)

2. Hack them into pieces (Meera did this with the skeletons in season 4, as did the Wildlings at Hardhome)

3. Remove/destroy the heads (this happens during Hold the Door... I believe one of the children uses a dragonglass weapon)

The humans can use flaming arrows and hack the wights into pieces/destroy the heads and then burn the remains after a battle. So soldiers can fight.

Don't forget that there is a lot of Dragonglass at Dragonstone and both Sam and Davos know this. If preparations for the Long Night are starting in the North, you can be sure that mining dragonglass and turning it into weapons (spears, arrows and so on) will be a priority.
Solid list! And thorough.

I'll add that, if hacking or removing heads, it has to be done precisely. Hardhome also revealed they can fall a dozen stories, break into pieces, and be reanimated again.

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